Modernize your PowerBuilder Applications

27 Controls and 12 Charts to modernize your PowerBuilder UI

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder is a set of controls created to help you modernize the user interface of your PowerBuilder applications. See below for a list and description of the controls contained within the suite.

Animated Charts

Ultimate Suite offers a dozen types of animated charts. 

Add a modern presentation layer to existing DataWindows. Leverage DataWindows' logic and millions of customization possibilities offered by PowerCharts to visualize your data.

Build rich dashboards. 
Implement powerful drill down features. 
Create modern PB reports.

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Modern Animated Charts for PowerBuilder Applications

Ribbon Menu

The Ribbon Style Menu is a replacement for the classic file menu. It gives users a ribbon style UI.

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder 2020 introduces PowerMenu Pro:
A new window based off of PowerMenu. It includes a custom caption bar at the top and a Quick access toolbar in the caption bar.
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Docking System

The Docking System acts as a replacement to PowerBuilder's traditional MDI frame window. It gives users a tabbed interface to navigate between open windows. Additionally, it allows you to dock and pin commonly used functions to the top, bottom, left, or right sides of the window.
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Excel-like Filter & Sort

Advanced DataWindow filtering with PowerFilter

PowerFilter is a powerful, easy-to-implement DataWindow filtering component that provides users functionality similar to what is found in Excel. Add one control to your window and 3 lines of PowerScript to implement.
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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Query Builder

Tab Control

The Tab Control can be used as a direct replacement for the standard PowerBuilder tab control.
Using this control can give your application an immediate face-lift. There are many styles to choose from, more popularly, the VS2005 style.
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tab control

Tile Menu

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Tile Menu is a Windows tiles control that can be used for better navigation within your application. The design is responsive which means the layout will adjust to the size of the container that it's in (when resized by the container).
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static text

Toolbar Strip

Add a toolbar to any window or user object in any location.
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Outlook Style Bar

The Outlook Style Bar is meant to duplicate the look and behavior of the navigation control found in Outlook.
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outlook style bar

Toast Notifications

The new toast desktop notifications have 4 effects; fade in, slide left, slide up, and none.

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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Toast Control

Windows 10 Message


PowerMessage is a new way to display messages to users. It replaces the standard PowerBuilder MessageBox function, offering a more modern look and feel.

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Single Page Application New

Single Page Applications display functionalities within a single window (or page).

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder contains 3 different windows objects to let you create Single Page PowerBuilder Applications:

  1. Single Page Application without Navigation (Basic)
  2. Single Page Application with Navigation
  3. Tabbed Caption
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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Single Page Application w/ Navigation

Tabbed Caption Window New

The tabbed caption window behaves very similar to most modern web browsers. 
Each opened window is displayed as a tab in the windows caption. 

If needed, you can display a button to allow users to open new tabs.

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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Tabbed Caption Window

Windows Style Bar

Windows Style Bar duplicates the look and behavior of the listbar commonly found in XP applications, such as the Control Panel.
Use this control to logically group application functions. Each group can contain links, labels, and lines.
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USPB windows style bar

Command Button


Ever wish you can give your buttons an icon and a bit more color?
With the Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder CommandButton, you can.

This control offers 5 styles, and 5 themes. That's 25 different ways to display your buttons.

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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder PB Commande Button

Toggle Button

A button with two states: on or off.

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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Toggle Button

Loading Circles New

The loading circle continuously rotates indicating that a process is waiting to complete. This control can be placed anywhere on screen.

Loading circle is also available in Docking controls, Tab Controls and Ribbon Menus (displays in the Docking control and Tab Control tabs or the Ribbon Menu status bar).
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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Loading Circlesr

Button Listbar

The Button Listbar provides users with a list of options to select.
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Button List Bar

Datawindow Navigator


Simple strip of buttons used to navigate the rows of your DataWindow.

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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder DataWindow Navigator
Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Folder Explorer

Folder Explorer

The folder explorer control gives you the ability to add folder and file explorer functionality to your application.

Drag and Drop files New

The Drag & Drop component can be added to any window or user object to allow users to drag files into the application.
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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Drag & Drop

Property Grid Control

Display a list of properties and values. Choose from many property types such as Image, Color, Lists, and Checkboxes.

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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Property Grid

Query Builder

The Query builder control, similar to the one used in the graphic query designer for the DataWindow, offers native support for Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Anywhere and Sybase ASE. Generic ODBC connections are also supported. Other DBMS's can be added on a per request basis."
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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Query Builder


A basic calculator control that users can use to calculate values for data entry. Depending on your needs, this independent control can be placed directly on your window, in a popup or a responsive window.

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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Calculator


This Groupbox offers a few improvements over the standard PowerBuilder groupbox. You can add an image and display a gradient background. Read more


Custom Static Text

The static text control is used to display text on a window or userobject. It contains all the functionality of the standard PowerBuilder static text control but with a few extras.
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static text

Gradient Header

The Gradient Header was developed to complement the Outlook 2003 Shortcutbar. It's the same type of control you see in Outlook 2003, letting you know which option was selected in the Shortcutbar.
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Gradient Header