Modernize your PowerBuilder Applications

Calendar (PowerSchedule)

PowerSchedule is a user-friendly tool that simplifies scheduling events in PowerBuilder applications, with customizable calendars and easy drag-and-drop features.
It offers seamless integration and multiple views, making it efficient for personalized business needs.

Calendar Features for PowerBuilder UI

Highly Customizable Interface

  • User-friendly and customizable interface.
  • Tailorable calendar control for a consistent and polished user experience.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

  • Streamlined scheduling with integrated drag-and-drop.
  • Easy creation, modification, and rearrangement of scheduled events for enhanced efficiency.

Multiple Views

  • Various views like Day, Week, Work Week, and Month for flexible scheduling.
  • User-friendly navigation and customization based on personal preferences.

Extensive Event Options

  • Supports one-time events, recurring schedules, private meetings, busy indicators, and customizable colors.
  • Developers can implement complex scheduling scenarios catering to diverse user needs.

Data Binding and Integration

  • Seamless integration with PowerBuilder applications through robust data binding.
  • Effortless binding of scheduling data to application data sources for smooth integration.

Custom User Interfaces

  • Flexibility for developers preferring custom data binding and integration.
  • Allows management and loading of custom data, with events for connecting custom UIs.

Resource Management

  • Enhances resource management capabilities.
  • Allows developers to assign resources to events, ideal for applications emphasizing resource allocation like project management or team collaboration tools.