Modernize your PowerBuilder Applications

PB Ultimate Suite Update List

PB Ultimate Suite 2019 R1 (June 2019)

  • New Control
    • PowerCharts: This new control allows you to implement Modern and animated Charts in your PowerBuilder Application
    • PowerCharts also includes a dedicated chart painter to configure and customize your charts

  • PB 2019 Support

  • New PB 2019 Themes

  • Bug Fix
    • Command Button: Minor bug fixes


    PB Ultimate Suite 2019 (March 2019)

    • PBUS Free Edition
      • All Themes are now included in PBUS Free Edition

    • New Control
      • FolderExplorer: This new control allows you to browse files and folder from your PowerBuilder application

    • Improvements
      • Group Box: New of_Rounded function allows you to have rounded or square group boxes.
      • PowerCalc: Add better theme support
      • PowerTiles: Support two lines
      • Documentation: Enhanced documentation for PowerMenu

    • Bug Fix
      • PowerMessage: Fixed message title so text doesn't get cut off.
      • PowerMessage: If you display a message when the window is minimized, and after closing the application from the Windows task bar, the message won't display.
      • Button Listbar: Images don't display if you add a list bar item in the controls constructor event.
      • PowerDock: Fixed resize issues.
      • PowerDock: Sheet menu's didn't work properly on MDI screens when a window is floating.
      • Toolbar: Fixed visual issue with drop down toolbar items that has long text
      • General: Other misc bug fixes

    PB Ultimate Suite 9.2 (July 2018)

    • PBUS Free Edition
      • Windows 10 Message - Now part of the Free Edition package.

    • Improvements
      • Toggle Buttons - Make rounded version look nice
      • Command Button - Added CornerRadius property to allow for rounded buttons
      • Docking System - Window disappears if you cancel the close using closequery event.
    • Bug Fix
      • Docking System - Fixed performance issue when resizing.
      • Docking System - Fixed issue with floating window resizing when a panel is resized.
      • Docking System - With MDI, sheet menu's don't switch properly when document tabs are selected.
      • Button Listbar - Fixed coloring on Windows themes and Gradient List style.
      • Toast Notifications - Toast position on 64 bit wasn't working properly.
      • Windows 10 Message - High CPU usage when left open for a long time.

    PB Ultimate Suite 9.1 (May 2018)

    • New
      • PowerModal - New control to display modal window.

    • PBUS Free Edition
      This version offers a selection of free controls, color themes and icon libraries that you can use with any PowerBuilder applications and deploy as you like.

    • Bug Fix
      • Static Text memory leak

    PB Ultimate Suite 9.0 (February 2018)

    • New
      • PowerMessage - New control to display messages on screen; messagebox replacement.
      • CommandButton - Create new command button control based on the native PowerBuilder command button
      • 64 bit support

    • Enhancements
      • ToggleButton - Updated the rounded button style so it looks better.
      • GroupBox - Modify to inherit from the native PowerBuilder groupbox.
      • Static Text - Modify to inherit from the native PowerBuilder static text so you have IDE support.
      • PowerDock - Add new of_OpenDocument overloads so you can pass string and numbers as parameters.
      • Tab Control - Add new of_OpenTab overloads so you can pass string and numbers as parameters.
      • DWNav - Add validation to methods to prevent errors in some cases.

    • Bug Fixes
      • PowerDock - Issues displaying sheet toolbar and menu when closing windows when frame window is MDI.

    PB Ultimate Suite 8.1 (July 2017)

    • Enhancements:
      PowerMenu - Display MicroHelp text from menu's in PowerMenu status bar.
      PowerTiles - Return index of tile when calling of_AddTile in u_cst_tile. Pass the same index value to TileClicked event.
      PowerMenu - Ribbon scroll changed to be more intuitive.
      PowerMenu - Add right to left support
      Better RTL support. Controls that support RTL will detect the RightToLeft setting on their parent window and use that to automatically set RTL on the control.
      XPListBar - Add fill height option for groups. Used to allow a group to fill the height of the control.
      XPListBar - Add no padding option when adding objects.
      PowerDock - Add new DocumentTabClicked event. Triggered only when a user physically clicks a document tab.
      Tab Control - Add new TabClicked event. Triggered only when a user physically clicks a tab.
      Support for PowerBuilder 2017.

    • Bug Fixes:
      PowerMenu - Issue with ribbon status bar panels displaying off screen if set after the window opens.
      PowerMenu - Visual artifacts on status bar removed when setting status bar panel text.
      PowerMenu - Fix ALT shortcut key.
      PowerMenu - Fix issue with resize not working right when collapsing and expanding the ribbon.
      PowerDock - DocumentSelectionChanged and DocumentSelectionChanging events were being triggered too many times unnecessarily.
      Tab Control - SelectionChanged and SelectionChanging events were being triggered too many times unnecessarily.

    PB Ultimate Suite 8.0 (January 2017)

    PB Ultimate Suite 7.1 (July 2016)

    • Tab Control - Close tab on lbuttonup event if mouse is over the "X"
    • PowerTiles - Fixed issue with tiles showing outside the main PowerTile control when first opening and closing.
    • PowerTiles - Tile text now has alignment options.
    • PowerMenu - Add new status bar to ribbon window.
    • PowerMenu - Add new Changemenu overload. New parameter added to prevent redrawing.
    • PowerMenu - Changed ribbon window RibbonTabClicked event to only fire when a ribbon tab is actually clicked.
    • QueryBuilder - Fixed issue with of_OpenFile not being able to load a file.
    • PowerDock - Add new method of_setmindocksize. Used to set minimum size of dock panel.
    • Enhance Windows 8 Black theme.
    • Removed dependency on PBNI Canvas.

    PB Ultimate Suite 7.0.0 (February 2016)

    • 64 bit support for PB12.6
      - Known issue: Problem with toolbar tooltip
    • New PowerTile control: a Windows tiles control that can be used for better navigation within your application
    • Theme enhancements for the tab control. You can now control how disabled tabs look.
    • New ButtonListbar style - GRADIENTLIST
    • New property to w_ribbonwindow to disable ALT hot key - DisableAltHotKey. Also added of_DisableAltHotKey()
    • Overload methods for the Float Window methods in PowerDock so the developer can specify a default size
    • New Windows 8 Black Theme
    • Fixed bug with ALT Hot Key shortcuts not hiding when pressing ALT again. Proper support for Windows 7 and up. Partial support for Windows Vista.
    • Fixed issue with Black theme
    • Fixed bug with Alt Hot Key shortcuts in the PowerMenu quickaccess menu

    PB Ultimate Suite 6.2.0 (September 2015)

    • Keyboard enable PowerMenu with ALT key
    • Add new RibbonTabClicked event to PowerMenu
    • Trigger clicked event on group menu item in PowerMenu
    • Select the last ribbon tab selected when pinning PowerMenu after it was collapsed.
    • Set a default theme for PowerMenu
    • Add new RibbonDocked and RibbonUndocked events to PowerMenu
    • Add overloaded methods for the Float Window methods in PowerDock so the developer can specify a default size.
    • Allow a unique ID to be set for Outlook Shortcutbar items. This unique ID will be passed to the ue_selectionchanging and ue_selectionchanged events.

    • In addition to the above, PowerFilter will now be bundled with PB Ultimate Suite!

    PB Ultimate Suite 6.1.0 (February 2015)

    • PowerDock: VS2013 style.
    • PowerDock: Changed visuals on the PowerDock docker (displayed when dragging a dock panel).
    • PowerDock: Add right to left support to powerdock.
    • TabControl: VS2013 style.
    • TabControl: Fixed bug with the of_SetEnabled method in the TabControl.
    • ToolbarStrip: VS2013 style.
    • ButtonListBar: VS2013 style.
    • Querybuilder: Add new querybuilder control. Used to graphically create SQL queries.
    • XPListBar: Fixed inconsistent use of FontName and FontSize in the XPListBar control.

    PB Ultimate Suite 6.0 (August 2014)

    • Windows 8 theme for all controls.
      Flat design with 3 color selections
    • General bug fixes and enhancements.

    PB Ultimate Suite 5.4.0 (Feb 2014)

    • "pure virtual function call" error causes app to crash when you click on a toolbar chevron while another application has focus.
    • Memory leak when hover over a toolbar item that has been disabled.
    • Error when clicking a PowerMenu tab that was drawn slightly off screen.
    • Add ability to display wallpaper on PowerDock background.
    • Add function to set the background color of PowerDock (The area behind the document tabs, visible when no document tabs are open).
    • Rename any reference to st_1 in all controls to be something more unique.
    • PowerDock; Add overloads to of_AddDockItem to accept an object type as a string.
    • Add right to left support to the button listbar
    • Add right to left support to the groupbox
    • Add right to left support to the outlook shortcutbar

    PB Ultimate Suite Version 5.3.0 (August 2013)

    • Add custom theme support to each control.
    • Add new "black" color theme.
    • Issues rendering the Outlook Shortcutbar.
    • Text in the XPListbar didn't display if an image wasn't specified.
    • Add DocumentClosing and DocumentClosed events to PowerDock.**

    PB Ultimate Suite 5.2.0 (May 2013)