Modernize your PowerBuilder Applications

Ultimate Suite for PB - Version History

Ultimate Suite 2024 R1 (June 2024)


  • PowerCharts: Support for new PB WebBrowser control
  • PowerSchedule: Add print orientation to the print dialog.
  • PowerSchedule: When event titles are too long, display an ellipsis ("...").
  • Image Editor: Add support for the JPEG file extension.
  • PowerFilter: Add new of_Reset function to reset PowerFilter components.


  • PowerSchedule: Event description wasn't displayed in Event Edit dialog when description wasn't in RTF format.
  • PowerSchedule: Events were jumping in size when resizing with the mouse while the event was close to the bottom of the control.
  • PowerMessage: The MessageBox function returned 0 when using PowerMessage with localization.

Ultimate Suite 2024 (January 2024)

New Control: PowerSchedule

  • Highly Customizable Interface: User-friendly and customizable for a polished user experience.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Streamlines scheduling with easy event manipulation.
  • Multiple Views: Offers Day, Week, Work Week, and Month views for flexible scheduling.
  • Extensive Event Options: Supports one-time events, recurring schedules, private meetings, and customizable colors.
  • Data Binding and Integration: Seamlessly integrates with PowerBuilder applications through robust data binding.
  • Custom User Interfaces: Flexible for developers preferring custom data binding and integration.
  • Resource Management: Enhances resource allocation capabilities for projects or collaborations.
    Learn more about this control
    schedule and calendar ui for powerbuilder apps

New Feature

  • Support for PowerBuilder 2022 R2 and PowerBuilder 2022 R3


  • The PB UI Designer has been upgraded to PB2022.
  • SPA w\ Navigation: Added two new methods, of_GetSelectedPanel and of_GetSelectedPanelText.
  • PowerWinSelector: Allow user to scroll using the mousewheel.
  • PowerWinSelector: Auto scroll thumbnails when using Tab and Shit+Tab keys.
  • ImageEditor: Add new Print icon to action toolbar.
  • ImageEditor: Add new of_Print function.
  • PowerSearchBox\DropDown: Add SearchModified event that triggers as a search term is being typed.
  • Properties: Disable editing for drop down property types, force user to select from predefined list.


  • XPListbar: Fixed click issue on items and group headers.
  • XPListbar: Null object error when closing a frame window with a layered sheet that contains the XPListbar control.
  • PowerToast: If of_SetCloseOnClick(TRUE) is called, the "X" close button on the toast will be made invisible.
  • ImageEditor: Fix 64 deployment issue.
  • f_pbus_profilepicture\f_pbus_profilepicture_fromblob: Don't draw a border if FrameThickness is 0.

Ultimate Suite 2023 R2 (September 2023)


  • Support of PowerBuilder 2022 R2
  • Introduce localization support for language translations.


  • Image Editor: New non-visual version n_cst_imageeditor.
  • Image Editor: Add ability to change quality when saving as jpg image format.
  • Image Editor: Add ability to change image size.
  • Image Editor: Add of_UndoAll function to undo all changes since the image was loaded.
  • PowerDock: Add icon to floating window. Close floating window by double clicking on icon.
  • PowerDock: Floating windows can now be moved behind main windows and will display in the windows taskbar independently from the applications main window.
  • Step Bar: Add new AllowUserSelection property to allow users to use the mouse to select steps.
  • ShortcutBar: Allow font name and font size to be changed.
  • PowerSnip: Add new of_SetToolbarPosition function which allows the developer to position the PowerSnip toolbar anywhere on the screen.


  • Image Editor: Fixed issue with Undo when loading a new image.
  • Image Editor: Add of_IsModified function which returns TRUE if the image was modified, and FALSE if it was not.
  • PowerFilter: Invalid Expression error occurred with data contained a "~".
  • PowerFilter: Columns with row specific visible expressions caused the filter button to be hidden unexpectedly.
  • XPListBar: Text height was calculating a few pixels too short which caused some text to be cut off.
  • PowerMenu: Don't display ribbon ALT shortcuts if using ALT-GR key.

Ultimate Suite 2023 R1 (June 2023)

New PowerBuilder Controls

  • PowerTaskbarButton: Allows you to update your applications Windows Taskbar Button (add an overlay image, display progress, add taskbar toolbar buttons)

  • Breadcrumb: Add a Breadcrumb in PowerBuilder Applications
    Add a Breadcrumb in PowerBuilder Applications
  • PowerWinSelector: Window selector that displays thumbnails of your open windows allowing users to find and activate them quicker.
    Add a window selector in PowerBuilder Applications
  • PowerFilter: Now available in Ultimate Suite Professional Edition.
    At the same time, PowerFilter benefits from a new design and a host of new features and enhancements.
    Find out more on this page


  • Image Editor: Add Copy toolbar button and copy function to control.
  • Image Editor: Save and restore current directory when opening and saving a file.
  • Image Editor: Preserve the values set in the Message object when opening an instance of the Image Editor.
  • DWNav: Add properties so button text and tooltips can be localized.
  • XPListbar: Add new ItemBottomPadding property. Used to add padded space to the bottom of an XPListbar item.
  • Static Text: Add new #TipText property to support tool tips on static text controls


  • Toolbar: Drop down menu, highlighting over hovered items wasn't resetting when mouse moved out of the drop down menu.
  • Toolbar: Application crash occurred when clicking on toolbar chevron, then clicking on another application to lose focus, then directly clicking back on the toolbar chevron.
  • PowerMessage: Overlay didn't size properly on MDIDock! windows.
  • PowerModal: Overlay didn't size properly on MDIDock! windows.
  • PowerMenu: Ribbon tooltips were not working in 64bit deployments. - PowerMenu: Fixed issue where double clicking a ribbon tab did not collapse the ribbon.

Ultimate Suite 2023 (February 2023)


  • New Pagination Control.

  • New PowerSearch control.
    Provides fuzzy search functionality.

  • New export feature for PowerCharts:
    Export a full working graph with its data, animations and pop-ups into a single HTML file.


  • PowerMenu: Add new DisableRibbonTooltip property to window.
    When set to true, ribbon tooltips will not display.
  • PowerMenu: Add new ToolTipWidth property to window.
    Value determines width of Ribbon Tooltip.
  • PowerTile: Add new of_SetTileTextColor function.
    This function changes the color of the tile text.
  • Properties Control: Add new of_SetPropertyNameWidth function.
    This function changes the property name column width, as a percent of total width.


  • PowerMenu: Fix issue with tooltip being cut off when using different fonts and text sizes.
  • PowerMenu Advanced: Fix issue with border displaying incorrectly when display scale is not 100%.
  • SPA: Fix issue with border displaying incorrectly when display scale is not 100%.
  • PowerModal: Response window didn't return values when passing a PowerObject as a parm when opening.

Ultimate Suite 2022 R2 (September 2022)


  • PowerBuilder 2022 Support

Ultimate Suite 2022 R1 (May 2022)


  • Ribbon Window: New property to hide ribbon shadow.


  • XPListBar: Top scrollbar was displayed on first render.
  • Ribbon Window: Unable to restore window after minimizing when application is run as administrator
  • Ribbon Window: Long menu names were not properly truncating for large ribbon items.
  • Ribbon Window: Ribbon item tooltip truncated in some cases.
  • Ribbon Window: New property to hide ribbon shadow.
  • SPA Windows: Unable to restore window after minimizing when application is run as administrator

Ultimate Suite for PB 2022 (February 2022)


  • Support for PowerBuilder 2021 (runtime 1311 and 1506)
  • PowerChart: Conversion of Existing PowerBuilder Graph DataWindow
  • PowerSnip: Add new of_SetDefaultFile function so you can set the file to save to without having to use the Window save file dialog.
  • PowerSnip: Add new of_AutoCloseOnSave function. When passed TRUE, PowerSnip will automatically close once the save operation is complete.
  • XPListBar: Add new of_SetEnabled function which allows you to enable and disable items in the XPListBar.


  • PowerChart: Charts will now occupy all space available for display. It will resize both horizontally and vertically.
  • PowerChart: Default Graph painter mode is now advanced mode.
  • PowerChart: Tooltips formatting now supports different types of graphs (not only vertical bar graphs).
  • PowerChart: PB Developers can now use the PBExpression function to describe the graph title as a PowerBuilder computed field expression.
  • PowerMenu: Add new of_EnabledTopLevelMenu function to enable and disable ribbon tabs.


  • PowerMenu: Fix flicker issue in backstage menu when selecting menu items.
  • PowerMenu: Ribbon tooltips were not working for 64 bit builds.
  • XPListBar: Groups overlapped when resizing the control.

Ultimate Suite for PB 2021 R3 (August 2021)


  • Support for PowerBuilder 2021


  • XPListbar: Allow for dynamic heights.
  • PowerTiles: Add new AutoAlign property. When False, PowerTiles won't try to calculate the most justified alignment.
  • PowerTiles: Center alignment for tile text was not working.
  • PowerTiles: Add new of_SetFont, of_SetFontName, and of_SetFontSize functions.
  • PowerToast: Add new of_SetCloseOnClick method. When passed TRUE, the toast pop up will close when the user clicks it.


  • PowerMenu: Fixed sizing issue when quick access toolbar is visible.
  • PowerMenu: Fixed usability issue when calling of_rebuildribbon on an undocked ribbon.
  • PowerMenu: Quick Access toolbar items were not disabling if the menu item was disabled.
  • PowerMenu: Ribbon tooltips were not displaying in the correct location when the ribbon was on an MDI Sheet.

Ultimate Suite for PB 2021 R2 (April 2021)


New horizontal and vertical trackbar control with fully customizable components.
Add background color and configure the color, shape or size of : the center line, the slider, tick marks, or the "tracked line".

Trackbar by Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder


New horizontal and vertical range selector control that has all the features of PowerTrackbar.
It comes with an additional functionality that allows PB application users to select a range instead of a single value on a trackbar.

Rangebar by Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder


  • PowerMessage:
    Made adjustments to Fonts and Sizes.
    Added ‘Ctrl+C’ support to copy message content.
    Customization features added for text size, message button text, display additional details through a link.
  • PowerMenu:
    New property added - SmoothScroll. When TRUE, ribbon scrollbars will automatically scroll when the mouse hovers over the scrollbar.
    Trigger menu Selected event when mouse moves over menu item in the ribbon.
  • Button Listbar: Better, more consistent scrolling. Added new functions to set font name and size.
  • Single Page Application: Added a new Reset method.
  • Themes: Added a new method to retrieve the globally set theme.
  • General: Performance improvements across all controls.


  • PowerMessage: Resize overlay if parent window resizes. Made the message box a true response window.
  • PowerMenu: Prevent message object from being cleared out when calling of_RebuildRibbon.
  • PowerModal: Resize overlay if parent window resizes.
  • Groupbox: Removed text background, when there is no text to display in the header.
  • TabControl: Validate tab index in methods that accept tab index.

Ultimate Suite for PB 2021 (February 2021)

New Themes

32 fresh styles added to the USPB inventory to upgrade the look of your PowerBuilder application.

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder New UI Themes

Product/Feature Tour

Setup a tour of your application (the visible parts) or call out a single new feature.
You can use a variety of predefined colors for each callout allowing you to customize the look for the action.

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Product Tour


Capture screenshots of your PB application to review it with other teammates.

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Snipping Tool

Profile Picture

Display profile pictures in different frame colors, thickness, and shapes.

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Profile Picture

Circle Progress

Visually display a percentage of completion.

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Progress Circles

Rating Stars

Represent a value from 0 to any upper value

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Rating Stars


Elegant combination of image and text

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Cards

PowerMenu Pro

  • Place quick access icons in the caption bar.
  • Blend the caption bar into the ribbon tab.
  • Allow for an Office 365 style.
  • Provide built in Backstage menu.
  • Provide 41 themes.

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Advanced Ribbon

Image Editor

Open and paste images from the clipboard. Edit your images using Rotate, Crop, Flip, Apply Filter Effects such as Black & White, Brightness, Contrast, Grey Scale, Inverted Colors, and Sepia Tone. Zoom and Pan to review your images closely.

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Image Editor

Image Comparer

Compare two images in a minimum amount of screen space

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Image Comparer


  • PowerMenu Pro: Adjust styling of Ribbon tab area so it blends in with caption.
  • PowerModal: Add some logic to better handle Response type windows.


  • Fixed some stability issues with Circle Progress, Image Comparer, PowerCard, and Profile Picture
  • Toolbar: Issues with chevron and AutoSize property.
  • DragFileSelector: Incorrect file name returned if AllowMultipleFiles is TRUE and the user used the Browse button to select just 1 file.
  • SPA Windows: Prevent resizing if PowerMessage or PowerModal is open.
  • PowerMenu Pro: Prevent resizing of window if PowerMessage or PowerModal is open.

Ultimate Suite for PB 2020 R3 (July 2020)


  • This new control allows you to implement modern and animated gauges in your PowerBuilder Dashboards and Reports

    4 types of gauges for PowerBuilder applications

  • You can easily configure your Gauges with the Ultimate Suite Designer.

Ultimate Suite for PB 2020 R2 (May 2020)

New features

  • New base source code objects for easy integration into customers' applications.
  • Enhanced support for complex frameworks (e.g. PFC).
  • Set default control theme globally.
  • SPA Caption-less Window - New window object.
  • RTL support for PowerMenu Pro and SPA Basic.
  • 64 bit support for Single Page Application windows.

Fixed issues 

  • PowerTile - button click was being triggered if control resized under mouse pointer as the mouse lbutton was being let go.
  • PowerDock - Issue with document tab selection when docking and undocking a panel on MDI window.
  • ShortcutBar - Error when clicking chevron in some cases.
  • Toolbar - Error when clicking chevron in some cases.  

Ultimate Suite for PB 2020 (February 2020)


  • Updated the overall style to add more spacing and bigger fonts (to match the MS ribbon better).
  • Include loading circle in the status bar.

PowerMenu Pro

  • A new window based off of PowerMenu.
  • Includes a custom caption bar at the top
  • Quick access toolbar is located in the caption bar.
    PowerMenu Pro

Tabbed Caption Window

  • A new window that gives you a tab control in the windows caption bar.
  • Modeled after most modern web browsers.
  • Contains most of the features you would find in our Tab Control.
    Tabbed Caption Window

Single Page Application w/ Navigation

  • New window that makes it easy to develop single page applications.
  • Window displays user objects with built in navigation. A simple implementation would require only a few function calls.
  • Custom windows caption bar.
  • Caption bar allows the developer to add buttons to give their users more functionality.Single Page PowerBuilder Application w/ Navigation

Single Page Application Basic

  • New window that gives you the most basic form of a single page application
  • Custom windows caption bar.
  • Caption bar allows the developer to add buttons to give their users more functionality.
  • PowerBuilder Menu object is not supported.

    Basic PowerBuilder Single Page Application

Loading Circles

  • The loading circle continuously rotates indicating that a process is waiting to complete.
  • This control can be placed anywhere on screen.
  • Loading circle has been implemented in PowerDock, Tab Control, and PowerMenu (displays in the PowerDock and Tab Control tabs or the PowerMenu status bar).

Drag and Drop files

  • New component that can be added to any window or user object which allows users to drag files into the application.

Various bug fixes

PB Ultimate Suite 2019 R3 (October 2019)

  • New Features
    • Preview displayed automatically when adding a PowerChart to a window in the window painter (now using graphical pb objects instead of png files that had to be placed before in the painter directory).
    • Same automatic preview when opening a PowerChart in the datawindow painter
    • You can now format data, labels and popup labels in PowerChart, to display data as $ 9,999 or 99% or whatever format your JavaScript skills let you imagine (select PowerCharts Advanced Configuration Parameters to do so).
    • New "javascript_preview" event added to PowerCharts datawindow controls, to let users get the JavaScript code generated. This code can be customized to create workarounds or try new features without deploying a new release.
    • Chart painter application now available for PB2019
  • Bug Fix
    • PowerCharts: Generation bugs on axis manipulation (could not remove an axis).
    • PowerCharts: 64-bit compatibility issues for PB2017 and above.
    • PowerCharts: Coma decimal separator issue for PB2017 and above.
    • Command Button: Minor bug fixes
    • PowerToast: Minor bug fixes

PB Ultimate Suite 2019 R2

  • PowerChart:
    • PB 2019 version of the Chart Painter

PB Ultimate Suite 2019 R1 (June 2019)

  • New Controls
    • PowerCharts: This new control allows you to implement Modern and animated Charts in your PowerBuilder Application
    • PowerCharts also includes a dedicated chart painter to configure and customize your charts

  • PB 2019 Support
  • New PB 2019 Themes
  • Bug Fix
    • Command Button: Minor bug fixes


PB Ultimate Suite 2019 (March 2019)

  • PBUS Free Edition
    • All Themes are now included in PBUS Free Edition

  • New Control
    • FolderExplorer: This new control allows you to browse files and folder from your PowerBuilder application

  • Improvements
    • Group Box: New of_Rounded function allows you to have rounded or square group boxes.
    • PowerCalc: Add better theme support
    • PowerTiles: Support two lines
    • Documentation: Enhanced documentation for PowerMenu

  • Bug Fix
    • PowerMessage: Fixed message title so text doesn't get cut off.
    • PowerMessage: If you display a message when the window is minimized, and after closing the application from the Windows task bar, the message won't display.
    • Button Listbar: Images don't display if you add a list bar item in the controls constructor event.
    • PowerDock: Fixed resize issues.
    • PowerDock: Sheet menu's didn't work properly on MDI screens when a window is floating.
    • Toolbar: Fixed visual issue with drop down toolbar items that has long text
    • General: Other misc bug fixes

PB Ultimate Suite 9.2 (July 2018)

  • PBUS Free Edition
    • Windows 10 Message - Now part of the Free Edition package.

  • Improvements
    • Toggle Buttons - Make rounded version look nice
    • Command Button - Added CornerRadius property to allow for rounded buttons
    • Docking System - Window disappears if you cancel the close using closequery event.
  • Bug Fix
    • Docking System - Fixed performance issue when resizing.
    • Docking System - Fixed issue with floating window resizing when a panel is resized.
    • Docking System - With MDI, sheet menu's don't switch properly when document tabs are selected.
    • Button Listbar - Fixed coloring on Windows themes and Gradient List style.
    • Toast Notifications - Toast position on 64 bit wasn't working properly.
    • Windows 10 Message - High CPU usage when left open for a long time.

PB Ultimate Suite 9.1 (May 2018)

  • New
    • PowerModal - New control to display modal window.

  • PBUS Free Edition
    This version offers a selection of free controls, color themes and icon libraries that you can use with any PowerBuilder applications and deploy as you like.

  • Bug Fix
    • Static Text memory leak

PB Ultimate Suite 9.0 (February 2018)

  • New
    • PowerMessage - New control to display messages on screen; messagebox replacement.
    • CommandButton - Create new command button control based on the native PowerBuilder command button
    • 64 bit support

  • Enhancements
    • ToggleButton - Updated the rounded button style so it looks better.
    • GroupBox - Modify to inherit from the native PowerBuilder groupbox.
    • Static Text - Modify to inherit from the native PowerBuilder static text so you have IDE support.
    • PowerDock - Add new of_OpenDocument overloads so you can pass string and numbers as parameters.
    • Tab Control - Add new of_OpenTab overloads so you can pass string and numbers as parameters.
    • DWNav - Add validation to methods to prevent errors in some cases.

  • Bug Fixes
    • PowerDock - Issues displaying sheet toolbar and menu when closing windows when frame window is MDI.

PB Ultimate Suite 8.1 (July 2017)

  • Enhancements:
    PowerMenu - Display MicroHelp text from menu's in PowerMenu status bar.
    PowerTiles - Return index of tile when calling of_AddTile in u_cst_tile. Pass the same index value to TileClicked event.
    PowerMenu - Ribbon scroll changed to be more intuitive.
    PowerMenu - Add right to left support
    Better RTL support. Controls that support RTL will detect the RightToLeft setting on their parent window and use that to automatically set RTL on the control.
    XPListBar - Add fill height option for groups. Used to allow a group to fill the height of the control.
    XPListBar - Add no padding option when adding objects.
    PowerDock - Add new DocumentTabClicked event. Triggered only when a user physically clicks a document tab.
    Tab Control - Add new TabClicked event. Triggered only when a user physically clicks a tab.
    Support for PowerBuilder 2017.

  • Bug Fixes:
    PowerMenu - Issue with ribbon status bar panels displaying off screen if set after the window opens.
    PowerMenu - Visual artifacts on status bar removed when setting status bar panel text.
    PowerMenu - Fix ALT shortcut key.
    PowerMenu - Fix issue with resize not working right when collapsing and expanding the ribbon.
    PowerDock - DocumentSelectionChanged and DocumentSelectionChanging events were being triggered too many times unnecessarily.
    Tab Control - SelectionChanged and SelectionChanging events were being triggered too many times unnecessarily.

PB Ultimate Suite 8.0 (January 2017)

PB Ultimate Suite 7.1 (July 2016)

  • Tab Control - Close tab on lbuttonup event if mouse is over the "X"
  • PowerTiles - Fixed issue with tiles showing outside the main PowerTile control when first opening and closing.
  • PowerTiles - Tile text now has alignment options.
  • PowerMenu - Add new status bar to ribbon window.
  • PowerMenu - Add new Changemenu overload. New parameter added to prevent redrawing.
  • PowerMenu - Changed ribbon window RibbonTabClicked event to only fire when a ribbon tab is actually clicked.
  • QueryBuilder - Fixed issue with of_OpenFile not being able to load a file.
  • PowerDock - Add new method of_setmindocksize. Used to set minimum size of dock panel.
  • Enhance Windows 8 Black theme.
  • Removed dependency on PBNI Canvas.

PB Ultimate Suite 7.0.0 (February 2016)

  • 64 bit support for PB12.6
    - Known issue: Problem with toolbar tooltip
  • New PowerTile control: a Windows tiles control that can be used for better navigation within your application
  • Theme enhancements for the tab control. You can now control how disabled tabs look.
  • New ButtonListbar style - GRADIENTLIST
  • New property to w_ribbonwindow to disable ALT hot key - DisableAltHotKey. Also added of_DisableAltHotKey()
  • Overload methods for the Float Window methods in PowerDock so the developer can specify a default size
  • New Windows 8 Black Theme
  • Fixed bug with ALT Hot Key shortcuts not hiding when pressing ALT again. Proper support for Windows 7 and up. Partial support for Windows Vista.
  • Fixed issue with Black theme
  • Fixed bug with Alt Hot Key shortcuts in the PowerMenu quickaccess menu

PB Ultimate Suite 6.2.0 (September 2015)

  • Keyboard enable PowerMenu with ALT key
  • Add new RibbonTabClicked event to PowerMenu
  • Trigger clicked event on group menu item in PowerMenu
  • Select the last ribbon tab selected when pinning PowerMenu after it was collapsed.
  • Set a default theme for PowerMenu
  • Add new RibbonDocked and RibbonUndocked events to PowerMenu
  • Add overloaded methods for the Float Window methods in PowerDock so the developer can specify a default size.
  • Allow a unique ID to be set for Outlook Shortcutbar items. This unique ID will be passed to the ue_selectionchanging and ue_selectionchanged events.

  • In addition to the above, PowerFilter will now be bundled with PB Ultimate Suite!

PB Ultimate Suite 6.1.0 (February 2015)

  • PowerDock: VS2013 style.
  • PowerDock: Changed visuals on the PowerDock docker (displayed when dragging a dock panel).
  • PowerDock: Add right to left support to powerdock.
  • TabControl: VS2013 style.
  • TabControl: Fixed bug with the of_SetEnabled method in the TabControl.
  • ToolbarStrip: VS2013 style.
  • ButtonListBar: VS2013 style.
  • Querybuilder: Add new querybuilder control. Used to graphically create SQL queries.
  • XPListBar: Fixed inconsistent use of FontName and FontSize in the XPListBar control.

PB Ultimate Suite 6.0 (August 2014)

  • Windows 8 theme for all controls.
    Flat design with 3 color selections
  • General bug fixes and enhancements.

PB Ultimate Suite 5.4.0 (Feb 2014)

  • "pure virtual function call" error causes app to crash when you click on a toolbar chevron while another application has focus.
  • Memory leak when hover over a toolbar item that has been disabled.
  • Error when clicking a PowerMenu tab that was drawn slightly off screen.
  • Add ability to display wallpaper on PowerDock background.
  • Add function to set the background color of PowerDock (The area behind the document tabs, visible when no document tabs are open).
  • Rename any reference to st_1 in all controls to be something more unique.
  • PowerDock; Add overloads to of_AddDockItem to accept an object type as a string.
  • Add right to left support to the button listbar
  • Add right to left support to the groupbox
  • Add right to left support to the outlook shortcutbar

PB Ultimate Suite Version 5.3.0 (August 2013)

  • Add custom theme support to each control.
  • Add new "black" color theme.
  • Issues rendering the Outlook Shortcutbar.
  • Text in the XPListbar didn't display if an image wasn't specified.
  • Add DocumentClosing and DocumentClosed events to PowerDock.**

PB Ultimate Suite 5.2.0 (May 2013)