Modernize your PowerBuilder Applications

PowerBuilder Command Button

This control offers 5 styles, and 5 themes.
That's 25 different ways to display your buttons.

When you place this command button on your window, you'll see that in the IDE it appears as a normal PowerBuilder command button. However, you'll notice that you now have a few extra properties that you can set.

TipText - Allows you to add tip text to the button.
VisualStyle - Default is 1 (see image below), valid values are 1-5. Try them out to see which one you like best.
Ellipsis - If the text is too long for the button, an ellipsis will appear.
Theme - Default is Classic, valid options are BLUE, SILVER, OLIVE, CLASSIC, and BLACK.
IconName - This can be an image file or a PB icon (e.g. Save!).
HTextAlign - Default is Center!, valid options are Left!, Center!, and Right!


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