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Profile Picture

Profile Picture Control by Ultimate Suite

This Ultimate Suite control addresses a common need in recent applications: Displaying a Profile Picture.

The Ultimate Suite profile picture control displays a framed image in a variety of customizable colors, thicknesses, and shapes (square, rounded square, and circle).

Images can be displayed from physical files or Blobs (Binary large objects) retrieved from a database.


Place u_cst_profilepicture from advguicontrols.pbl\pbd on your window.

Call the available functions to change the controls behaviour. 
There is no special code needed to setup the control.
uo_1.of_SetTheme("deepblue") uo_1.of_SetFrameThickness(2)

Note: if you don't need to change the appearance of the profile picture dynamically, all settings can be defined in the IDE at design time.