Modernize your PowerBuilder Applications

Product Tour

Product Tours or walkthroughs are an effective way to introduce users to a new UI or application functionality.

Ultimate Suite has an integrated Product and Feature Tour control that allows you to organize a guided walkthrough of the PowerBuilder application or highlight a new feature. Users quickly get to grips with the application.

In addition to highlighting new or existing features, PB developers can use it to report important validation issues.

The Product/Feature Tour control offers a variety of predefined colors for each call to customize each action.

Product/Feature Tour Control by Ultimate Suite


//Declare the feature the feature tour non-visual object
n_cst_featuretour lnv_tour
//Register the parent frame window

//Set the default Color

//Add the first tour item.
lnv_tour.of_AddTourItem(uo_ribbon, lnv_tour.Bottom, "All the controls that you can design in the UI Designer can be found in the application ribbon.")

//You can display a portion of a control with an offset. For example, if you want to only highlight a couple fields in a datawindow. More information is available in the of_AddTourItem topic
FeatureTourOffset fto 

fto.Y = 22 //pixel value relative to the top of your control
fto.X = 399 //pixel value relative to the left of your control
fto.Width = 80 //the width of the reveal
fto.Height = 98 //the height of the reveal
lnv_tour.of_AddTourItem(uo_ribbon, lnv_tour.Bottom, "PowerSnip lets you take screenshots of your application, directly in your application. This is a great tool for trouble shooting issues.", fto)

//Add more stops on the tour
lnv_tour.of_AddTourItem(uo_spa_toolbar, lnv_tour.Bottom, "Use the quick access buttons to Open a previously saved file, Save changes to a new or existing file, or Copy generated code.")
lnv_tour.of_AddTourItem(uo_powerdock.uo_powerdocktab, lnv_tour.Top, "When an object is opened, it will display here. You can interact with the control as you would in your own application.")
lnv_tour.of_AddTourItem(iuo_properties, lnv_tour.Left, "Each object has a list of properties that you can set. Changing the property here will show you what the control will look like.")
lnv_tour.of_AddTourItem(iuo_code, lnv_tour.Top, "This panel will display generated code. You can copy and paste it into your application. This will help you set things up more quickly.")

//Start the tour