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Button ListBar

The Button Listbar provides users with a list of options that they can select. Each option is represented by a button. Two styles of buttons are available, Image over Text or Image beside Text. In addition to picking a style, you can:

  • Set buttons to be small, medium, large or xlarge in size.
  • Enable or disable items.
  • Dynamically set button text.
  • Toggle button to display as selected.


//Open Event of window that contains the control
//Or the post constructor event of the userobject that contains the control
//Add items to the list 
uo_1.of_AddItem("Mail", 'Mail.ico') 
uo_1.of_AddItem("Calendar", 'calendar.ico')
uo_1.of_AddItem("Contacts", 'contact.ico') uo_1.of_AddItem("Tasks", 'task.ico')
uo_1.of_AddItem("Notes", 'note.ico') uo_1.of_AddItem("Folder List", 'folder.ico')
//Set the size of the images uo_1.of_SetSize(uo_1.LARGE)

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