Modernize your PowerBuilder Applications

Taskbar Buttons for PowerBuilder

Upgrade your PowerBuilder applications' Windows Taskbar Button.

The PowerTaskbarButton control is a non-visual component that provides an API for interacting with your PowerBuilder application's taskbar button in the Windows taskbar.

The PowerTaskbarButton lets you effortlessly update your Windows Taskbar Button by:

  • Adding an overlay image
  • Displaying progress indicators (normal, paused, error or indeterminate)
  • Incorporating up to 7 buttons in the application's preview pop-up window

The PowerTaskbarButton gives your users a visually appealing and interactive experience for Taskbar actions. Use it to:

  • Keep users informed about ongoing processes with progress indicators.
  • Provide quick access to commonly used actions through toolbar buttons.
  • Display notifications on events that require the user's attention.