Modernize your PowerBuilder Applications

Modernize the Look of your Application

Some PowerBuilder applications were developed a while ago, and since then presentation standards have evolved. Now is the time to update the look of your applications.

Simplify this process with Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder. With minimum code, and little effort, create an interface that makes your application more user-friendly and modern.

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Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder Charts Controls

Take Control of your User Interface

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder offers a wide range of GUI controls to help you change the look of your PowerBuilder application.

All controls are written in pure PowerScript so it's easy to change the look and behavior of the controls to suit your needs.

By adding any of the following to your PowerBuilder application you can give it an instant and much needed facelift.

Design Your Controls with Full Power

PBUI DesignerUltimate Suite for PowerBuilder comes with the Designer, a tool that will help you visually setup controls.

To get the controls to look and function the way you want requires several function calls. Most times you would call a function then run your application to see what the affect would be.

With the Designer you can visually pick options for any control and see the code being genereted for you automatically. Select from one of the many themes available, to standardize the look of your components across your application.