Modernize your PowerBuilder Applications


PowerChart is a Chart control that offers a large choice of data visualization

It offers a dozen types of PowerCharts: Pie charts, horizontal bars, vertical bars, stacked bars, lines, areas, spider, doughnut, radar, polar area, bubble, scatter...

Modern Animated Charts for PowerBuilder Applications

  • You can customize PowerCharts with a dedicated Painter, or change them dynamically by program.
  • You can use existing PowerCharts as templates and apply the same presentation to multiple datawindows.
  • PowerCharts are animated when they open.
  • Tooltips can show up when users hover a value
  • You can combine several graphs in a PowerChart, for instance Bar chart + line.
  • You can embed PowerCharts in PB Reports to print them.
  • You can build a modern dashboard composed of several PowerCharts.
  • You control what's happening when users double click on a value.
    For instance you can:
    • Implement drill down features, to navigate from one chart to another and break down a value into other Charts,
    • Synchronize several charts with master/details dependencies,
    • etc.