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Adding a Gauge Control

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Adding a Gauge control to you PowerBuilder application

PowerGauge let you add 4 different types of Gauges to your applications.

            Classic gauge                           Donut Gauge                   Zone Gauge                       Modern Gauge
(Gauge.js name:gauge)              (Gauge.js name:donut)     (Gauge.js name:zone)     (Gauge.js name:new)

These are provided a visual userobjects in the advguicharts.pbl library as:





Step 1 : Add the gauge user object to your window. Do not resize the userobject (gauge size is not dynamic, the display size is set at the ancestor object level).

Step 2 : Configure it (Set minvalue, maxvalue, value (default value),unit_text,Title_text in right side general properties tab.

Step 3: To set the gauge value at any time, use the of_set_value function of the object: uo_zone_gauge.of_set_value(1000) function.

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