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Place u_cst_powerdock from advguicontrols.pbl\pbd on your MDI frame window.

Note: Any window that you open in PowerDock should start off as being invisible. Please uncheck the Visible property in the IDE for all windows that will be opened in PowerDock. Also, I found better success when the window I was opening was of type child.


If you use PowerDock on an MDI! or MDI_Help! window and need sheet support (e.g. changing sheet menu's), you will need to make two extra function calls at the version beginning of your frame windows Open event:


Resize Event:

//Manually size the control in the MDI frame window
uo_PowerDock.Resize(THIS.WorkSpaceWidth() - 8, THIS.WorkSpaceHeight() - MDI_1.MicroHelpHeight - uo_toolbarstrip.Height + 4)    

Open Event:

 //Set the menu that will display all open documents (and the "More Windows" window if needed)

//Open documents in the new container
uo_PowerDock.of_OpenDocument(iuo_5, "About"'Help!')
uo_PowerDock.of_OpenDocument(iw_windowtest, "My Window"'Window!')

//Activate a document

//Add items to the dock windows
uo_PowerDock.of_AddDockItem(uo_PowerDock.RIGHT, uo_mle1, "My Right Pane"'ListBox!')
uo_PowerDock.of_AddDockItem(uo_PowerDock.LEFT, uo_xplistbar, "XPListBar"'TreeView!')
uo_PowerDock.of_AddDockItem(uo_PowerDock.BOTTOM, uo_mle3, "Output"'ListBox!')
uo_PowerDock.of_AddDockItem(uo_PowerDock.TOP, uo_mle5, "Top Pane"'ListBox!')

//Set focus to specific dock items

//Auto dock the left dock window
uo_PowerDock.of_SetDock(uo_PowerDock.LEFT, TRUE)

//Set some initial sizes
uo_PowerDock.of_SetDockSize(uo_PowerDock.LEFT, 875)
uo_PowerDock.of_SetDockSize(uo_PowerDock.RIGHT, 875)
uo_PowerDock.of_SetDockSize(uo_PowerDock.TOP, 500)
uo_PowerDock.of_SetDockSize(uo_PowerDock.BOTTOM, 500)

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