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Place u_cst_imageeditor from advguicontrols.pbl\pbd on your window.


The zip folder that contains your PBD's\PBL's also contain a list of images needed in the image editor control. Copy all the imageeditor_*.png images to your application source folder and add to your application PBR. You can specify your own button icons by overriding the following properties:


RotateLeftImage = "imageeditor_rotateleft.png"

RotateRightImage = "imageeditor_rotateright.png"

FlipHorizontalImage = "imageeditor_fliphorizontal.png"

FlipVerticalImage = "imageeditor_flipvertical.png"

CopyImage = "imageeditor_copy.png"

CropImage = "imageeditor_crop.png"

SaveImage = "imageeditor_save.png"

SaveAsImage = "imageeditor_saveas.png"

LoadFromFileImage = "imageeditor_openfile.png"

PasteFromClipboardImage = "imageeditor_pastefromclipboard.png"

AcceptImage = "imageeditor_cropaccept.png"

CancelImage = "imageeditor_cropcancel.png"

UndoImage = "imageeditor_undo.png"

RedoImage = "imageeditor_redo.png"

EffectsImage = "imageeditor_effects.png"

GreyScaleImage = "imageeditor_greyscale.png"

InvertColorsImage = "imageeditor_negative.png"

SepiaImage = "imageeditor_sepia.png"

BrightnessImage = "imageeditor_brightness.png"

BlackAndWhiteImage = "imageeditor_blackandwhite.png"

ContrastImage = "imageeditor_contrast.png"

ZoomInImage = "imageeditor_zoomin.png"

ZoomOutImage = "imageeditor_zoomout.png"


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