PB Ultimate Suite Update List

PB Ultimate Suite 8.0 (January 2017)

PB Ultimate Suite 7.1 (July 2016)

  • Tab Control - Close tab on lbuttonup event if mouse is over the "X"
  • PowerTiles - Fixed issue with tiles showing outside the main PowerTile control when first opening and closing.
  • PowerTiles - Tile text now has alignment options.
  • PowerMenu - Add new status bar to ribbon window.
  • PowerMenu - Add new Changemenu overload. New parameter added to prevent redrawing.
  • PowerMenu - Changed ribbon window RibbonTabClicked event to only fire when a ribbon tab is actually clicked.
  • QueryBuilder - Fixed issue with of_OpenFile not being able to load a file.
  • PowerDock - Add new method of_setmindocksize. Used to set minimum size of dock panel.
  • Enhance Windows 8 Black theme.
  • Removed dependency on PBNI Canvas.

PB Ultimate Suite 7.0.0 (February 2016)

  • 64 bit support for PB12.6
    - Known issue: Problem with toolbar tooltip
  • New PowerTile control: a Windows tiles control that can be used for better navigation within your application
  • Theme enhancements for the tab control. You can now control how disabled tabs look.
  • New ButtonListbar style - GRADIENTLIST
  • New property to w_ribbonwindow to disable ALT hot key - DisableAltHotKey. Also added of_DisableAltHotKey()
  • Overload methods for the Float Window methods in PowerDock so the developer can specify a default size
  • New Windows 8 Black Theme
  • Fixed bug with ALT Hot Key shortcuts not hiding when pressing ALT again. Proper support for Windows 7 and up. Partial support for Windows Vista.
  • Fixed issue with Black theme
  • Fixed bug with Alt Hot Key shortcuts in the PowerMenu quickaccess menu

PB Ultimate Suite 6.2.0 (September 2015)

  • Keyboard enable PowerMenu with ALT key
  • Add new RibbonTabClicked event to PowerMenu
  • Trigger clicked event on group menu item in PowerMenu
  • Select the last ribbon tab selected when pinning PowerMenu after it was collapsed.
  • Set a default theme for PowerMenu
  • Add new RibbonDocked and RibbonUndocked events to PowerMenu
  • Add overloaded methods for the Float Window methods in PowerDock so the developer can specify a default size.
  • Allow a unique ID to be set for Outlook Shortcutbar items. This unique ID will be passed to the ue_selectionchanging and ue_selectionchanged events.

  • In addition to the above, PowerFilter will now be bundled with PB Ultimate Suite!

PB Ultimate Suite 6.1.0 (February 2015)

  • PowerDock: VS2013 style.
  • PowerDock: Changed visuals on the PowerDock docker (displayed when dragging a dock panel).
  • PowerDock: Add right to left support to powerdock.
  • TabControl: VS2013 style.
  • TabControl: Fixed bug with the of_SetEnabled method in the TabControl.
  • ToolbarStrip: VS2013 style.
  • ButtonListBar: VS2013 style.
  • Querybuilder: Add new querybuilder control. Used to graphically create SQL queries.
  • XPListBar: Fixed inconsistent use of FontName and FontSize in the XPListBar control.

PB Ultimate Suite 6.0 (August 2014)

  • Windows 8 theme for all controls.
    Flat design with 3 color selections
  • General bug fixes and enhancements.

PB Ultimate Suite 5.4.0 (Feb 2014)

  • "pure virtual function call" error causes app to crash when you click on a toolbar chevron while another application has focus.
  • Memory leak when hover over a toolbar item that has been disabled.
  • Error when clicking a PowerMenu tab that was drawn slightly off screen.
  • Add ability to display wallpaper on PowerDock background.
  • Add function to set the background color of PowerDock (The area behind the document tabs, visible when no document tabs are open).
  • Rename any reference to st_1 in all controls to be something more unique.
  • PowerDock; Add overloads to of_AddDockItem to accept an object type as a string.
  • Add right to left support to the button listbar
  • Add right to left support to the groupbox
  • Add right to left support to the outlook shortcutbar

PB Ultimate Suite Version 5.3.0 (August 2013)

  • Add custom theme support to each control.
  • Add new "black" color theme.
  • Issues rendering the Outlook Shortcutbar.
  • Text in the XPListbar didn't display if an image wasn't specified.
  • Add DocumentClosing and DocumentClosed events to PowerDock.**

PB Ultimate Suite 5.2.0 (May 2013)